Member Testimonials

Have been a proud member since 2011, could not recommend a member organization more highly. It is the hallmark of care management organizations. #NYALCA was especially meaningful as I considered launching my company. The camaraderie among members is second to none. The networking, peer support, educational and business opportunities have been invaluable. I encourage professionals in the field at all stages in their careers to consider joining.

Susan E. Keating, CMC
Honora Care Management & Consulting

I first met Kathy Sheenan at a caregiver conference I was helping to run several years ago. She told me then about ALCA. It sounded interesting but I didn’t check into it at that time. The following year I again ran into Kathy at a social work CEU training with Adelphi University. She again told me about ALCA. I again didn’t look into it. Next year at the caregiver’s conference I saw Kathy and I was ready. I joined ALCA and have been in love with the organization ever since. I have to say that the biggest benefit I have received from my membership is my “Quad.” What is my Quad? It is a group of four care managers in the Mid-Hudson Valley who have become colleagues, advisors, consultants, and counselors to each other. We are two social workers and two RNs. We readily collaborate in a noncompetitive way. In a world that is highly competitive, the “Quad” is like a breath of fresh air for all of us. Thank you ALCA!

Linda Anne Curtis, LMSW
Geriatric Care Manager & Aging Life Care Professional®

I joined ALCA to gain exposure to seasoned professionals and learn all aspects of the Aging Life Care profession. I’ve learned so much, received much needed support, and was able to hone my strengths to grow my practice. The high standards of care and code of conduct set us apart.

Dorothy Tagarelli, LCSW, C-ASWCM
268 Myrtle Avenue
Hawthorne, NY 10532

I joined the NY chapter in 1994, with the thought of doing some extra consulting in the field on the weekends.  I thought I would attend an occasional meeting.

Who would have guessed that I would be quickly invited to join the board first as the recording secretary, and then after a couple of years, as the corresponding secretary (at the time the responsibility included making copies of meeting notices and minutes, and physically stuffing and mailing the envelopes)! Later on I became the second vice president, and then first vice president. Then I was elected for two – two-year terms as chapter president! For the past many years, I have been the chair of the education committee and I also co-chair a bunch of conferences!

What I found, especially after I transitioned from my full-time job (plus part-time practice to my full-time practice), was that the chapter provided an opportunity for me to use my creativity and leadership skills, which I assumed that I would have missed when I became a solo practitioner, and it also provided an opportunity to get support, peer supervision, and a whole lot of camaraderie from my wonderful colleagues, which I cherish every day.

It is wonderful to be an entrepreneur, but I cannot imagine having come this far—11 years in full-time practice, now with associates—without being a part of NYALCA and the national ALCA. There are so many benefits to membership, please join us!

Debra Drelich, MSW, ACSW, CSW, CMC, Fellow of the ALCA Leadership Academy
New York Elder Care Consultants, LLC
3110 Fairfield Ave.
Riverdale, NY 10463

Being a part of ALCA for over a decade has been very special. It provides me with recent healthcare education, information regarding changing trends in the industry and most importantly the camaraderie between fellow care managers. My business has grown because of the shared knowledge and support we all provide one another.

Warmest regards,

Sheila Kolt, LCSW, CMC
Co-Founder & Co-President
Concierge Health

As an ALCA member since 2002, ALCA has helped me grow professionally by networking and becoming friends with care managers throughout the country. By attending conferences and educational meetings I have improved my skills and increased my knowledge, which has helped me to grow my business.

Becoming more involved in the past few years has allowed me to give back to a wonderful organization!

Anne Markowitz Recht, LMSW,CMC
AMR Care Group

When I joined ALCA I got a community around my work as a care manager that no other organization could provide. Much of what I bring to my work I have learned and gathered through being a member of ALCA – lots of useful information, vetted resources, recommendations and referrals. The educational opportunities keep me informed and inspired. When I am unsure of something, I ask my ALCA colleagues and get what I need.

Melissa McHam Green, LMSW
Aging Life Care™ Manager