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Has caring for an older adult family member become challenging?

Aging Life Care…The Experts in Aging WellHave you noticed any troubling changes in your loved one? Are they having difficulty maintaining their homes or paying their bills in a timely manner? Do they appear to be losing weight, looking less put together or forgetting to attend appointments? Has caring for them disrupted your job performance or your ability to care for your children? If so, you can benefit from the services of an Aging Life Care® Expert also known as a Care Manager.

Aging Life Care Experts are professionals who can assess older adults and develop a care plan that will determine the need for in-home care, relocation and additional medical care. Aging Life Care Experts coordinate a variety of care related services and can be the eyes and ears for family members who live far away. They are also there for those family members who live nearby, but are too busy to handle the daily details of the older person’s life. Aging Life Care Experts provide the answers and the solutions to busy family members who know help is needed but don’t know what to do.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for older adults who reside in the city and state of New York.