Singing A Different Song

Jane Smith an elderly single and childless opera singer, was going to and from her church at odd hours and disrupting religious services with her singing at inappropriate times.  Her distraught family took Jane for a neurological evaluation after learning of other strange behaviors, including shoplifting and a generalized confused state. The neurologist contacted an aging life care manager when it became perfectly clear that her aging relatives did not know how to help her.

The care manager initially met with the family and client and as expected, the interview with Jane reflected her paranoia.  Over the course of time and after multiple calls, the care manager invited Jane to lunch and a trusting relationship evolved.  Over the course of seven years, Jane relied on the care manager for “everything.” The care manager presented the client with customized recommendations including successfully qualifying her for Community Medicaid entitlements. Unfortunately, the opera singer’s challenging behaviors precluded her from remaining in her own apartment. However, through regular contact, the care manager was able to advocate during hospital, rehab and eventually as a resident in a skilled nursing facility, which ultimately relieved the family of the burden of addressing the ongoing crises.

Jane Smith is not the real name of the Opera Singer but this is a true story of how Aging Life Care Associates can help families and their loved ones.  Rita Golub is an Aging Life Care Consultant, providing support and services to seniors, with an expertise in dementia care, and issues affecting caregivers. 

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