Why Join New York ALCA?

“I wouldn’t belong to any organization that would have me for a member”.  Sorry, Woody Allen, you are wrong!

The New York Chapter of ALCA proudly welcomes all professionals working with older adults and persons with disabilities. We know you are dedicated to providing services to this population with their best interests in mind. NY ALCA affords its membership a strong support system – one that alleviates the professional isolation that is common for those who work in solo or small practices. As an added benefit, these relationships often lead to strong networking connections and friendships. The nature of our work is challenging and complex; NY ALCA offers a series of educational programs throughout the calendar year including a conference. Membership also allows you access to community online member’s only list serve. For those members that are certified as an ALCA expert, you can be added to a national and regional database which increases your professional visibility. These venues provide the opportunities to avail of and share concrete information on current resources as well benefit from guidance on entitlements, clinical, medical, psychiatric, legal, technological and business related issues. You can also earn CEUS from programs tailored to your practice by attending our seminars and participating in our webinars. Still not sure? Attend one of our meetings which is open to non-members so that you can explore NY ALCA and network with seasoned Aging Life Care™ Experts. You can also learn more about ALCA by contacting our Membership Chair Susan Keating at Susan.Keating@honoracmc.com or 914-315-6057.