What is an ALCA Expert?

An Aging Life CareExpert is a professional who specializes in assisting older people and their families in assessing, coordinating and planning care. Aging Life Care Experts have training in gerontology, social work, nursing, and/or counseling.

“We didn’t know where to turn when serious problems began with our parents until we found out about professional care managers.”

“When it became difficult for me to function independently, I was grateful for the help I received from a private care manager.”

“I never knew a group existed that could help me with home care and other necessary services when I could no longer cope”

the 8 core knowledge areas of ALCA Experts Aging Life Care Experts can help:

  • Conduct care-planning assessments to identify problems, eligibility for assistance, and need for services
  • Screen, arrange and monitor in-home help or other services
  • Review financial, legal, or medical issues and offer referrals to geriatric specialists to avoid future problems and conserve assets
  • Provide crisis intervention
  • Act as a liaison to families at a distance, alerting families early to problems to ensure early interventions
  • Assist with moving an older person to or from a retirement complex, care home, or nursing home
  • Provide consumer education and advocacy
  • Offer counseling and support

Some Aging Life Care Experts can also provide family or individual therapy, money management, and conservatorship or guardianship assistance. Aging Life Care Experts have extensive knowledge about the costs, quality, and availability of services in their community. One call to an Aging Life Care Expert can connect you with a whole range of services that an older person may need.