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A police training program in age-related health helps communities better serve older adults

The American Geriatrics Society examines an understudied aspect of community policing: how our law enforcement officers can help seniors with whom they come into contact. The AGS calls for better training in the areas of dementia, elder abuse, and the services in the community that can help seniors in need.

Health Care? Daughters Know All About It

Trumpcare? Obamacare? What about “daughter care”? The New York Times recently reported on a topic that is quite familiar to aging life care professionals: the heavy burden women carry in supporting loved ones with chronic illness, especially dementia.

Family caregivers help with wider range of healthcare tasks than thought

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society demonstrates a truth that aging life care professionals know very well: Family caregivers are carrying a heavy burden! The study was performed by a Yale University research team, who noted that caregivers often give up the social activities they enjoy as they gradually spend more time on their loved ones’ healthcare routines.

Few Researchers Consider the Effect of Hearing Loss in Physician/Patient Communication, NYU Study Finds

Many doctors fail to take into consideration how hearing loss affects older patients’ ability to understand instructions and recommendations, said NYU professors in a recent study. Recommended the study authors, “Common sense, low (or no) cost strategies can be employed to mitigate the negative impact of both hearing and vision loss in patient communication. Some accommodations (e.g., minimizing ambient noise, speaking face to face, creating patient education materials with large-print font) are so simple and potentially beneficial that they could be implemented universally.”